Laser Cutting Services

Our customer-oriented Laser Cutting Service has an increasing demand in the architectural, automotive and machine manufacturing area. Being an experienced organization, we are capable of successful execution of laser cutting job as per customized specifications. We used metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel to generate laser cut design. As part of our customer-friendly service approach, we accept configurations provided by clients in template, drawing or software based files. Our efficient team members play a vital role in generating CAM or CAD design based on customers’ specifications. We utilize cutting edge laser cutting systems and CNC press brake bending equipment for trouble-free completion of assigned responsibilities. The importance is given on maintaining accuracy and in checking the quality of rendered service.
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Laser Cutting Services

CNC CO2 Laser Cutting Services ( AMADA 3015NT)

DescriptionSize Unit
Table / Pallet size1550 X 3050mm x mm
Cutting (Mild Steel)20 mm MaxThick (mm)
Cutting (Stainless Steel)6 mm MaxThick (mm)
Travel ( Y-Axis)1500mm
Travel ( X-Axis)3000mm

CNC Fiber laser Cutting Services ( SIL Fanuc 4020)

DescriptionSize Unit
Table / Pallet size2050 X 4050mm x mm
Cutting (Mild Steel)16 mm MaxThick (mm)
Cutting (Stainless Steel)6 mm MaxThick (mm)
Travel ( Y-Axis)2000mm
Travel ( X-Axis)4000mm

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